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Property Development – 5 Ways to Save Time and Money

If you are considering developing a property you should be mindful that from the moment the site is purchased, time is money. Here’s our top tips for approaching your project to ensure you reap the benefits: Planning Speak to the planners and follow their recommendations.  A great deal of time and cost can be lost over months, or years, of argument and compromise. A planner’s job is to ensure that your project meets local and building regulations as well as monitor its impact on the environment and local community.  They are there to work with you and guide you through

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Personal Guarantees – The Pros and Cons

What is a Personal Guarantee? A personal guarantee is an agreement that allows a lender to go after your personal assets if you or your company defaults on a loan. What are the advantages of a Personal Guarantee to a borrower? There are many reasons a borrower/Director might agree to a Personal Guarantee. Sometimes its non-negotiable, the lender will insist on it, but it can also give you access to more lenders and lower rates. If your project is going to be profitable then agreeing to a Personal Guarantee may not be considered much of a risk. Why do lenders

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10 ways to speed up your property development finance application

Time can be very important for some property development projects and delays in approval of your property development finance, or bridging loan, can be detrimental. Here are 10 things you can do to speed up the process: Share as much important information as you have with the lender. Finding out later merely delays the lenders underwriting. Include any negatives. Pro-active lenders will help you to find ways around the obstacles to funding your development. Include a summary of your experience and previous developments. Explain how any shortfalls relevant to the new project are being supported by your building contractor and

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Meet The Faces Behind RQ Capital  

Small but mighty, the RQ dream team is a fantastic four who work closely together to make things happen. Collectively, we’ve administered £177 million in loans, enabling the development of 750 new homes and the planning permission for 3,080 more. Impressive stuff! Let’s get to know each of the team in turn…    ROBERT GURNEY, MANAGING DIRECTOR Robert founded RQ back in January 2012, and over the past 10 years has seen it go from strength to strength. After starting his career at KPMG, Robert worked as a finance director for a property development company, before making the switch to

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Why building warranties are important – and how to get one

A building warranty is a comprehensive insurance policy that is provided by a developer to the buyer. It offers peace of mind that the building has been constructed to a standard set by the warranty provider. Without a warranty, you can’t get a mortgage. As such, there’s little point in building a house without one, unless you’re certain you have a cash buyer. It’s safe to say that all respectable lenders will expect you to have a building warranty in place, and RQ Capital is no exception. However, different types of warranty providers are available, and we’re willing to consider

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The rise of off-site construction methods

An increasing number of companies are choosing off-site construction methods for their speedy, efficient and sustainable builds. As an example, in recent years these modern methods have been used to create and extend hospitals quickly and efficiently to meet the demands of the pandemic. And in the current climate, projects such as these are continuing to gain pace. Here at RQ Capital, we recognise that these construction methods offer many varied advantages to building companies. We also embrace their sustainability benefits, recognising the positive impact they have on the wider environment. In this blog, we’ve taken a more detailed look

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