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Refurbishments: High risk, high reward

Midway through October, we witnessed one of the most impressive refurbishment projects of recent times open its doors. Over the past ten years, Battersea Power Station has been transformed from a Grade II-listed coal power station to a development of 254 flats and a multitude of restaurants, bars, offices and shops. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of refurbishment. But it’s also a risky option for developers. Let’s explore a little deeper… Untapped potential hiding in our cities and towns We all know that the UK housing market doesn’t produce enough houses. But the one

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Top 5 tips for a successful property development finance application

Know what you want Make it clear from the start the property development loan amount you need, and timescale required. Provide a detailed development appraisal that can demonstrate to the lender you have a viable and financially successful project.  This will give your lender the information and confidence to arrive at a quick decision. Be open and transparent with detail Be clear with details; what you perceive as a negative, might not seem as such to a lender. It will show you have considered every aspect.  If a lender is left to make their own assumptions, they are likely to

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Why Use RQ Capital Limited?

In short… RQ Capital is a short-term property development lender with over 30 years of combined experience. We lend primarily for new builds, conversions, refurbishment and site purchases with planning in place and can offer finance and bridging loans for projects from £100,000 to £2.5m. You connect directly with our decision makers who take the time to offer the loan to fit your development project. We believe in honest, transparent communication and building long term business relationships. Here’s how we believe we stand up above the rest: We are a small team of friendly, approachable people all of whom will

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What Type of Development Property Finance Is Right for You: Pros and Cons

Are you looking to develop property, but unsure which type of funding is right for you? In this article, we look at what options are available to you, the pros and cons of each, how to decide which is the most suitable and where to access it. Who is this aimed at? In this scenario we are reviewing funding for developers who purchase land and build from the ground up, or work on large conversions like permitted development schemes and looking for a loan from £100k up to £20m.  The different funding options available will largely depend on the levels

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What is property airspace development?

Airspace development is where unused space on rooftops of existing buildings is converted into new homes. The value of the airspace above any residential or commercial property will depend on size, location and suitability for development. This includes whether the structure is strong enough for further construction and how many units it can reasonably take. This type of development has been cited as an innovative solution, which most importantly doesn’t encroach on green belt land, but it can only be successful if it fits in with the rest of the building and the area. Nine facts about airspace development you

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What is a Bridging Loan and what can it be used for?

Purchasing a property at auction Securing a residential site for the future works or development Raising capital for future projects Funding small refurbishment projects for investment properties before they are made available for rent A Bridging Loan, or Bridging Finance, is a short-term loan that finances the purchase or construction of a new property while you are selling your existing property. Bridging finance is popular with landlords and property developers who need to fund property development projects which they will sell off quickly afterwards. Typical purposes include: How do you get a bridging loan? Bridging Loans are not typically provided

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